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Free Skate Ramp Plans Free Skate Ramp Plans

Free plans to build your own skate ramp (half pipe).

If you have a child who is into action sports, they are as likely to have asked you for a skate ramp.  Skateboarding and other action sports have become big business.  Take a look at the skateboarding empire that Tony Hawk built.

Free skate ramp plans

Skate ramp plans - half pipe

This is a well laid out plan to build your own skate ramp.  In fact, the site offers free plans to build

  • Half pipe
  • Quarter pipe
  • Grind box
  • Funbox
  • Launch ramp
  • Vert halfpipe
I liked these particular plans due to the number of pictures at each step of the project. There are also some videos included.  This ramp is modular and can be moved in three separate pieces.  In fact, you could fit this into a standard single car garage.
There is a nice material list and a cost estimator for the material to build the skate ramp.  Just plug in your local costs and you will know what you are getting into.
Good luck with this free skateboarding ramp plan.  Let’s hope the aspiring Tony Hawk enjoys it and stays safe.

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