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Free Bar Plans – Deluxe Version Free Bar Plans – Deluxe Version
Free bar plans seem to be one of the more common searches of people reaching Since that is the case, I am adding... Free Bar Plans – Deluxe Version

Free bar plans seem to be one of the more common searches of people reaching Since that is the case, I am adding another bar plan to the mix. Some of you probably already saw our earlier bar plan Many people are out there searching for free bar plans. Unfortunately, this plan isn’t entirely free. However, there is enough of a demand that I felt it would help to provide our readers with a great plan and an additional resource to enhance the bar plan.

bar plan deluxe
You can purchase the complete bar plan by clicking on the above bar plan picture.

deluxe bar plan accompany uses the Rockler plan to build a bar. There is nothing like enhancing a scale woodworking plan with real world pictures and comments regarding the project. You will absolutely have an easier time of things. Click on the link at Wood Shop Demos while building your real bar project. You will be happy that you did.
There is nothing like working with a wood plan that provides many detailed photographs of the project each step of the way. One of the key things is showing a picture of the setup of a saw or a tool prior to doing the job. This is a very detailed plan. It is well commented and has a good number of pictures. This bar might be considered fancy due to its raised panel design, but it really is a thing of beauty when completed.

I would rate this as a ‘difficult’ plan. Part of the reason that I would say so is because of the fact that it requires a number of tools that a weekend warrior would not have. It also requires some skill to pull some of the project off. The gentleman who built the bar even goes to the trouble of shaping his own rail. You could get away with purchasing your accessories and parts at You are not compromising by doing so. The parts sold by Rockler will enhance your project and add to the professional look of your finished bar.

Home Bar Plan and HardwareHome Bar Plan and Hardware
This traditional frame and panel design includes two drawers, two doors and a dry sink. Authentic wall mirror unit displays and stores glasses and bottles. Full size patterns for all shaped piece..

Home Bar Plan and Hardware

Traditional Bar Moldings
Traditional Bar Moldings
Polished Solid Brass Bar Tubing & Accessories
Polished Solid Brass Bar Tubing & Accessories
Stainless Steel Dry Sink
Stainless Steel Dry Sink

Good luck. This bar is a great project!!

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