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Poker Table Plans Poker Table Plans

The poker craze may have died down a little bit, not much, but if you have a neighborhood poker game, or know an avid poker player, this is a great project.  These poker table plans come from a guy named Ryan who has 4 different styles on his site (similar, but different).  It is nice because Ryan isn’t trying to sell you anything, he is just providing a nice “how to” for building your very own poker table.


He has detailed pictures and instructions for 4 different tables (as of this writing on 2/16/2007).  He also provides links to supply companies for the various poker table parts.

As Mike Sexton (or the tournament director) would say, Shuffle up and deal!

  • Ryan Christopher

    June 23, 2013 #1 Author

    Some good links in the related plans section. Your readers would probably also like They have quite a few different poker tables over there along with the plans for some simple poker table legs.

    I like the base on this table better though. I think it may be cool to add two of these to an 8 foot poker table. Anyway, good post.


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