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Cigar Humidor Plans Cigar Humidor Plans

Here is a cigar humidor plan from back in Popular Mechanics from 1999.  Much like the dresser valet plans from a few days ago, this is basic box construction.  Once you learn the techniques, you will be able to build any number of projects with the skills that you learn.

This cigar humidor is beautiful.   The plans call for the use of Mahogany and I would strongly recommend that you use that as your wood selection.  Mahogany is a rich looking wood and is the ideal lumber to use for a humidor.

The humidor plans call for a size for approximately 50 cigars.   You will need a hygrometer to be sure that your relative humidity is about 70%.  You can purchase a hygrometer at Rockler Woodworking.
This is a fun project.  Even if you don’t use the case for cigars, this is a great plan to consider.  If you are a woodworker who is looking for a project that you can build and sell on Ebay, consider the humidor.

  • There is a reasonable market for humidors.
  • People aren’t just shopping price with this item.  They want something unique and high quality.
  • It is an easy item to pack and ship anywhere in the world.

Good luck building your own humidor.

Cigar Humidor

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