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Redwood Recliner Plans Redwood Recliner Plans

A Redwood Recliner is a great outdoor project.  In fact, during the winter months, you could build a couple so that you are ready to lie out on your patio or deck when summer comes.

This recliner might also be referred to as a lounger or a chaise.

Chaise recliner plans

Chaise recliner plans

This plan comes from  The original post contained a plan for a chaise from Popular Mechanics, but they took down their free recliner plan some time ago. We retain the image below since it can help foster ideas for your own chaise.

chaise woodworking plans

Redwood is probably the ideal wood to use for this outdoor project, but there are other products that would make a fine alternative.

Choosing the proper lumber is important to be sure that you outdoor furniture project lasts for years.  There isn’t a perfect answer for the type of wood to use.  Your choice should be determined based upon the local lumber supply and cost of material.  In some areas, redwood is common and reasonably priced.  In others, it needs to be a special order.  You will probably need to source your material from a lumber yard rather than a store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.  Check your yellow pages under ‘Lumber’.

If I was building this project I would consider the following material.

  • Redwood
  • Western Red Cedar
  • White Cedar
  • Mahogany
  • Ipe or Teak

Note: I would not use pressure treated lumber for this type of project. There are some harsh chemicals used to treat the lumber and aren’t always safe to have direct contact with.

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