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Portable Potting Bench Plans
Here are some great Potting bench plans. The potting bench is also referred to as a potters bench, garden bench, or gardeners bench. These plans are simple and you will end up with a very solid potting bench when you have completed your project. This bench is also great... Read more
Cedar Potting Bench Plans
The following plan is for a potting bench that calls for cedar wood. Cedar is terrific since it is naturally resistant to the elements. It isn’t going to hold up like a pressure treated wood, but western red cedar doesn’t have all of the chemicals associated with that product.... Read more
Beautiful and Functional Garden Bench
Here is a garden bench plan from The Progressive Farmer (John Deere Company). The woodworking plan is a simple one and has some terrific features. In fact, you could almost call this plan a “Green” one because it is essentially a framework design. The potting bench has three drawers... Read more
Potting Bench Plans
Here are a few potting bench, or garden bench plans. I posted a free potting bench plan in the past, but wanted to add another since that didn’t suit my needs (my wife’s needs) for our back patio. She is after something that has a dual purpose. She would... Read more
Potting Bench Plans
Here are some great plans for a potting table or a potting bench. You might also call this a gardener’s table or bench.  There are so many great plans out there and they are buried as PDF files or worse.  This free wood plan is from Lowe’s and comes... Read more