Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Dutch Arbor Planter Plans
Free Dutch Arbor Planter Plans Recently, woodplans for arbor have become a favorite of mine, but I think this Free Dutch Arbor Planter Plan is the perfect planter/arbor combo to transistion into the fall.  It is significant enough to hold a flowering bush, while still providing a hanging arbor... Read more
Free Arbor with Gate Plans
Free Arbor with Gate Plans Arbors or pergolas act as good permanent fixtures in outdoor landscapes. They look great surrounded by flowers in the warm months but maintain their aesthetic quality as the plants begin to wither. Add this Arbor with Gate to your backyard during the summer months... Read more
Pergola Above Door – Free Plans
The following is a free plan for a pergola above a garage door.  I have a new project house that I will be working on.  I am fortunate enough that it is a lake cottage that lost a lot of charm with the addition of vinyl siding.  When reviewing... Read more
Free Pergola / Trellis Plan
Here is another terrific pergola plan.  This is very similar to the other pergola plans provided at Woodwork City.    As with some of the other pergola offerings, this can also be built as a freestanding unit. This plan comes from one of the many fantastic Sunset books and... Read more
Free Pergola Plans
Summer is around the corner.  Get your outdoor projects ready to go. This free pergola plan is a freestanding unit.  The plans are easy to follow and in video format.  The plan is from the ever popular Ron Hazelton.  Click on the image to view the full plans and... Read more
Pergola over a Deck Project
This is a great project if you have a deck (or patio) and would like a little bit of cover with a fantastic look. This project is from DIY and even includes video for some of the steps.  It is a big project that you shouldn’t tackle solo due... Read more
Backyard Pergola Plans
Home depot and Lowe’s have really stepped it up with the free plans.  Here is a nice pergola (sometimes called an arbor) plan from Home Depot. Read more