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Purple Martin House Plans
We have included a few bird house plans over the past few years.  Most of them have been relatively simple as are most birdhouse plans (birdhouse plans)?  In fact, I find myself using a lot of my cut off, or scrap, lumber for birdhouse scale projects. Just the other... Read more
Free Birdhouse Plans
Free Birdhouse Plans Birdhouses a great way to add some aesthetic depth to a backyard landscape and a great way to attract beautiful wildlife that make being in your outdoor space even more enjoyable.  This Free Birdhouse Plan isn’t the simplest birdhouse woodwork how-to but it does give you... Read more
A birdhouse is a great woodworking plan for a parent and child. It is a simple project that requires a small amount of material and can be completed in a short period of time with limited woodworking skills. That being said, it is a project that will last for... Read more