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Free Pie Safe Plans

There should always be more room for pie and these free plans for a pie safe make sure that this is a reality.  This is a 19-Century utilitarian piece of kitchen furniture that can be made to adapt to the modern needs.  No longer needed to keep mice from the…

Wine Balancer Plans

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Need a nice, simple, and thoughtful gift idea for the wine drinker in your life? Perfect.  A wine bottle holder is a great item that won’t take long to make, can utilize scrap wood or unique exotics (you won’t need much), and is also thoughtful since it came from your…

This indoor mailbox is something that will ease the tension between the wife who wants to be clutter free and the husband who needs things to remain on the counter otherwise he will forget about them.  This is a very basic plan that can be completed in just a... Read more
Bookcase Plans
These bookcase plans are a great example of how easy it can be to build a carcass of any size that can be dressed up with trim, finished and look like a $500 piece. The example show might fall a little short of that, but once you have the... Read more
Workstation Plans
This is a workstation, computer desk, or task desk that is made from 1 single sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood. The final width is 32″ and usually enough for a simple workstation. This is a terrific woodworking project for a school who is looking to equip a computer... Read more
Have you ever wanted a nice garbage can for your office, but couldn’t find something that was stylish and matched?  As most woodworkers know, this is the point where we usually say “I could make that”.  If you have a nice wooden desk set, it might have come with... Read more
Rolling File Cabinet Plans
If you have a home office, I am sure that you have come to need more and more storage. If you are a woodworker, I am guessing that you might be a bit of a pack rat as well. This plan is for a mobile file cabinet. Essentially, a... Read more