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How to Build a Garden Bench
We have featured a number of garden bench plans over the years but we are always interested when we come across a new plan that is a different style, a different material set, or a different skill set. This garden bench plan from Family Handyman fits the bill in a... Read more
Free and SIMPLE Garden Bench Plans
No garden is complete without a place to relax and enjoy the scenery.  These free plans to build a bench are just what is needed.  This is a very basic plan with a basic layout and can be built by virtually anyone with a few tools. Adjust the plans as... Read more
Concrete and Wood Garden Bench Plan
Click Here or the image to find the plan! Sitting in the garden on a bright and sunny day is the most relaxing experience. That is unless you don’t have a trusty bench to sit on. has provided a very zen concrete and wood bench design that will surely... Read more
Build This Wooden Garden Bench
  I have always been a fan of the garden bench style that is essentially a stacked row of boards.  This is a nice plan from Popular Mechanics that utilizes this method along with spacers between each board.  This design uses more lumber than you might need for a garden... Read more
Beautiful Garden Bench Plans
Wouldn’t every gardener like a nice garden bench?  How about a beautiful, and functional, garden bench built just for them.  This free plan is from Woodworkers Journal.  The plan in linked directly from our site (click the picture) since the magazine sites have been known to restructure and lose all... Read more
Beautiful and Functional Garden Bench
Here is a garden bench plan from The Progressive Farmer (John Deere Company). The woodworking plan is a simple one and has some terrific features. In fact, you could almost call this plan a “Green” one because it is essentially a framework design. The potting bench has three drawers that... Read more
Garden Bench Plan
Another garden bench plan.  If you are like me, you can’t get enough of these easy to knock off plans.  In fact, wood plans like these garden bench plans from Lowe’s are the foundation of many curbside woodworking businesses.  How many times have you seen a few pieces of outdoor... Read more
Garden Bench Plans

Garden Bench Plans

Outdoor Plans February 20, 2007 0

Now is the time to start your spring projects. If you are like me and your projects tend to take a little time, it probably makes sense to start planning your outdoor spring projects. I know that I have an arbor in my future and you might as well. This... Read more
Simple Garden Bench Plans
This is a woodworking project for anyone and everyone. This is a relatively simple plan for a simple yet elegant English style garden bench. This wood plan is simple to modify and can be made from material that is available at just about any home store. The wood used will... Read more
Free Garden Chair and Bench Plans
The following is a beautiful, yet simple, woodworking plan from the fine folks at, makers of Thompson’s Waterseal. The plans well laid out and include items that speed a wood project.  There is a material shopping list along with a cutting list.  A woodworker looking for speed will appreciate... Read more