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Under Stair Storage Bin Plan
Are you struggling to find storage space in your home?  Perhaps you moved form the Northeast where basements are the norm and now live in Florida where a basement is not considered.  If so, you probably need some extra storage space.  This wood plan from Popular Mechanics will help you... Read more
Bookcase Plans
These bookcase plans are a great example of how easy it can be to build a carcass of any size that can be dressed up with trim, finished and look like a $500 piece. The example show might fall a little short of that, but once you have the construction... Read more
Arbor Bench Plans
This free Arbor bench woodworking plan is a popular one at  Orignally published in 2007, this plan has been viewed by thousands of woodworkers across the world. The original plan was located at the Woodworkers Workshop site and appears to have been moved from the site.  The plan source... Read more
This workshop toolbox is a real beauty.  When working on a small project your tolerances are tighter and you can really show your woodworking skill (or lack of).  This workshop tool box could be used for many other purposes, but whatever it is used for, make sure you show it... Read more
Apothecary Cabinet Plans
Update: Unfortunately, the plan for the original cabinet below is no longer active.  This happens from time to time.  Since that is the case, we have located another free apothecary cabinet plan for you. OLD PLAN BELOW.  Use this for inspiration only. The plan is not available, however the above... Read more
Office Display Cabinet Plans
If you are looking for a stylish display cabinet for your office, and want to build something that is flexible and stylish, you need to take a look at this free office cabinet woodworking plan. The plan was first published in Popular Mechanics Back in Jan 1999. The cabinet calls... Read more
Simple Garden Bench Plans
This is a woodworking project for anyone and everyone. This is a relatively simple plan for a simple yet elegant English style garden bench. This wood plan is simple to modify and can be made from material that is available at just about any home store. The wood used will... Read more
Shaker Bed Woodworking Plans
If you appreciate the understated design in shaker furniture, you will certainly enjoy this woodworking project. This one is from the publisher of “Fine Woodworking” magazine (The Taunton Press). If you have ever picked up an issue of Fine Woodworking, you probably know the level of detail that they include... Read more
The holidays are just around the corner. Many woodworkers enjoy making holiday yard decorations. GP (Georgia Pacific) has a couple of plans at their site so that you have a template to start with. The pattern for the yard decoration is on a grid that will allow you to easily... Read more