Coffee Table – Simple Plans – Great Design

I have always loved the stuff that Ana White has done. Her site is a treasure trove of great plans with many reader submissions that show you ways to customize a base plan to suit a different need. This coffee table is one of those simple projects that looks great…

Entertaining Shelf » Rogue Engineer

We turned a blank wall space in our screen in porch to an awesome little serving station! This floating shelf can be used for storage and can be converted into a serving bar by simply flipping the top. It would also make for a great workstation or floating desk. You…

Mid Mod Stool Plans – Easy Step Stool

If you are a fun of simplicity and function, you will appreciate this simply footstool. This is a simple project plan from Instructables (link at bottom of this plan post). This bench could be considered mid-century modern (mid mod) especially with the paint/finish below. Good luck with this great (simple)…

Free Cribbage Board Plans
The game of cribbage was created in the 17th century, use these free plans to create a board of your own.  By using a beautiful piece of wood make this a show piece for display and for play. Many of the materials for this plan were found in the... Read more
Free Carport plans

Free Carport plans

Outdoor Plans December 17, 2015 0

Keep your car out of the weather with these free plans for a carport.  Much simpler to build than a garage, but still giving protection to your vehicles. I would suggest figuring out your needs before running out to buy your materials.  You may need a taller carport than... Read more
Free Cart Plans
This multifunctional cart can be a real asset at your next party or as a media stand.  These free plans will get you going and after you are done you can decide the best way to use it. Tools needed: Tape Measure Sander Drill Kreg Jig (Optional) Saw Miter... Read more
Free Leaf Sconce Plans
This leaf sconce is a nice accent to any candle lover’s wall.  These free plans can be done in an afternoon, plus time for finishing product to dry, and given as a gift that evening. The two-pages of patterns are available to download with directions on how to copy... Read more
Free Desk Caddy Plans
This is an advanced project to build a desk caddy.  Turn a regular desk into a traditional secretary desk with all the drawers and pigeonholes for storage.  Download the printer-friendly free plans, and get your work space organized. The plans recommend you use cherry, but pine is also a... Read more
Free Floating Shelf Plans
This floating shelf can be used as either a bedside table or for near the front door.  These free plans will get you started.  Zebrawood is used to make this beautiful piece but you can make this your own by choosing something different. All the pieces on the material... Read more
Free Hockey Stick Clock Plans
This is a great gift idea for a hockey fan.  A very easy free plan that is forgiving of mistakes and nice accent piece in a rec room. You will need the following materials for this project: About 4 Hockey Sticks 1 Box of #6, 1.25” Wood Screws 2... Read more
Free Woodworking Chessboard Plans
Let the games begin!  Building a chessboard is easier than you think and is always a crowd pleaser.  These free plans will make you the king or queen at your next game night.   The holidays are right around the corner and this chess board project makes a perfect... Read more
Free Bow Rack Plans
This is an ideal time of the year for a hunter to take some time and build a proper bow rack.  A well built rack will help to keep your gear in tip top shape for the hunting season. This easy free plan is for building a rack for... Read more
Beautiful Display Case
If you are up to a challenge then the free plan for this beautiful display case, or Bombe Vitrine, is the project for you.  Take advantage of the author’s hard work in creating a solution for the three dimensional problem this project created.  There is a lot to wrap... Read more

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