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Tall Planter Plans with Hidden Hose Storage

This is an easy and fun project. We have some PVC planters that are way past their prime. Since it is time for some new planters, I thought I would take the time to find a cool looking replacement. Well, thanks to the wonders of my “Instructables” daily email, these…

Coffee Table – Simple Plans – Great Design

I have always loved the stuff that Ana White has done. Her site is a treasure trove of great plans with many reader submissions that show you ways to customize a base plan to suit a different need. This coffee table is one of those simple projects that looks great…

Entertaining Shelf » Rogue Engineer

We turned a blank wall space in our screen in porch to an awesome little serving station! This floating shelf can be used for storage and can be converted into a serving bar by simply flipping the top. It would also make for a great workstation or floating desk. You…

Outdoor Party Station Plans
 Well, the fourth of July may have just passed, but there is still plenty of summer left.  There is always next year as well.  This all purpose outdoor party station, beverage cart, service cart, game storage cart…… is versatile to say the least. The plans come from the power... Read more
Free Shed Plans with Sliding Door
  The following plan comes from the University of Tennessee. If you aren’t comfortable with a shed plan that has a traditional roof line, this simple shed roof design might be right up your alley.  The plans are more of a blueprint style than a step by step, but... Read more
Free Shed Plans 10 x 12
Over the years of providing free woodworking plans we came to realize that it makes sense to give our visitors what they want.  In fact, this is the time of year where there are literally hundreds of visitors each day viewing and searching for “free shed plans“.  Because of... Read more
Pie Cabinet Plans – Free – pi Day
If you aren’t aware, today (the day that these plans were published) is Pi Day.  Pi Day is an annual celebration (3/14) commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi).  This year (2015) we have the unique distinction of matching up the month, day AND year with the number.  In fact,... Read more
Wine Box Plan – Free
There is no better way to let someone know that you value them as a …fill in the blank with (friend, mentor, relative, parent, etc.)…  than to take the time to build them something and take enough care in that project to make it stand out. The following is relatively straightforward... Read more
Free simple-to-build workbench woodworking plan
Don’t let the title of this wood plan fool you.  This is a “simple” to build workbench, but there are some techniques that might be foreign to someone who just crafts a shelf now and then.  The bench is one that is built to last for generations. The table... Read more
A New WoodworkCity

A New WoodworkCity

Blog March 6, 2015 0

Well, the last time we shared a blog post we were welcoming you to the new version of WoodworkCity.  Looks to be that time again.  Our site has undergone an extensive redesign to ensure the best experience for our users.   Our goal was to make it easier to... Read more
Board and Batten Door Plans – Free
If you ever tried to build a door, you will probably realize that a flimsy door isn’t worth the time or effort. At the same time, a sturdy door can weigh so much that using the door in its intended place might not be ideal (I once build a... Read more
Plans for a half round bench
Have you ever been sitting out by a fire in your back yard and wished for a nice bench that fit everyone?  Well, it is time to build one of your own.  This how-to/plan is from “A Beautiful Mess”.  Unfortunately, the plan is not very detailed in terms of heights... Read more
Make Woodworking Plans with Sketchup
Have you ever wanted to learn how to create woodworking plans using the 3d (CAD) drawing program “Sketchup”?  Download Sketchup here I have been using Sketchup to create wood plans, floor plans, project designs for a number of years now.   I recommend the product to anyone and everyone... Read more