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Free Sawhorse Plans
This is a project for your shop that you will use all the time.  These free plans are for a sawhorse that uses a mortise and tenon joint.  In fact, these are somewhat of a non-traditional looking sawhorse and could really be used as table bases.  We have featured other... Read more
Free Wooden Sawhorse Plans
Readers, No matter what profession or hobby you find yourself in, there are always those basic items that will make you life easier, but you don’t always have readily available. One such tool is the ever useful sawhorse. Every workshop needs at least one, and it is easily made from... Read more
Folding Portable Workbench With Quick Release Vise
I’ve never been a fan of the old Craftsman workcenter style portable bench. They always seemed a little flimsy and didn’t appear to last. Well, there is a new segment that comes from a similar idea of portable workstation, but this is essentially a portable vise and sawhorse all in... Read more
AWESOME Folding Table Base for Your Shop
This folding table base plan is AWESOME! In fact, you could build 5 of these and it would only take a few square feet of shop space, or wall space. Two of these table bases would certainly work as well as a set of sawhorses. The pictures below tell the... Read more
Free Saw Horse Plans
What does every handyman or woodworker need?  Saw horses! This is a quick and easy plan that only uses 2 x 4’s and screws. BTW, be sure you use screws so that this project can be knocked down for easy travel and storage. A sawhorse is such a basic need... Read more