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Free Wood Cabin Plans – Free step by step shed plans Free Wood Cabin Plans – Free step by step shed plans


Who doesn’t want a beautiful shed in their back yard?  Heck, if you are building an outbuilding, why not make it livable.  In fact, this little “shed” could be used as a bunk house (bunkie) or a play house.  If you are like me, you might just build your child’s playhouse large enough to accommodate any item that might go inside.  When your child outgrows it, you will have yourself a nice storage shed, garden shed, bunk house, or backyard man-cave.

The following plan is detailed enough to build off of and will allow for any modification you would like.  The front porch calls for a nice railing and corbels, but many of us know that those cosmetic items often get left off.

Good luck building your own outbuilding, shed, bunky (call it what you will).

Click the link at the bottom for the full plan.

free shed or cabin plans

free-shed-cabin-plans-1 free-shed-cabin-plans
Free Wood Cabin Plans – Free step by step shed plans.

  • Cindy Capili

    April 18, 2013 #1 Author

    Love it


    • admin

      April 18, 2013 #2 Author


      I have to agree. This is a really cool project. I might build one myself. I love the added space that the loft gives. If I build it, I am afraid my son will want to “move in”.


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