Flip down kids play cabinet plans Flip down kids play cabinet plans

If you are looking for a fold down table plan, or need a fantastic work/play/storage area for you kids, this fold down table plan is a must.  This is perfect for those kids with tons of Legos, Playmobile toys, or other play things with far too many small parts.

flip down table plan closed



This plan is very well thought out and with many pictures and thorough descriptions of each step.  If you are looking to build your own, this is a terrific jumping off point.  Good luck with your own flip down table project.

via bubblewrappd: The Tutorial. AKA The Longest Post Ever..

  • jason

    April 11, 2015 #1 Author

    Where are the plans located.


    • WoodworkCity

      April 11, 2015 #2 Author


      I wish that I could tell you otherwise, but it looks like the site has pulled their plans down. They do seem to mention that they will be back, so stay tuned.


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