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Muskoka rocking chair Adirondack

Many of our readers have asked about Adirondack rockers over the years.  An Adirondack rocker is simply an Adirondack chair with a rocker affixed to the legs.  It shouldn’t be overly complicated, but when searching, I think many of us get hung up on finding a “rocker”.  I would suggest that you find your favorite style of Adirondack chair (we have many styles here) and modify that chair by adding a runner (the rocker piece) to the legs.  If I were doing it, I would probably sandwich the legs on each side with 2 runners.  This would provide strength and stability.

The good news here is that we have located a plan for a Muskoka rocker and the measured templates (below) give you a good diagram to use for your rocker runner.  The runner that they are using appears to be about 7″ wide.  The key to your runner working effectively and safely is the placement of the runner.  You want a nice rocking motion that doesn’t tip you too far forward as to create a dangerous situation.

Click on the image of the chair for the full PDF plans.  The measured templates are linked from the image below. Each square represents a 1″ x 1″ piece.  You can transfer these to your wood to make the pattern.  In fact, this was how I built my first Adirondack chair (in 1994).  I still have that chair with the penciled in grid lines.  That project spurred me to produce and sell full sized templates for the next 5 years.

Enjoy the build of your own Adirondack rocker. Go ahead and build this Muskoka chair, or use this as an inspiration to convert any other Adirondack chair into an Adirondack rocker.

Muskoka Adirondack templates

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