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Stylish Child’s school desk plans Stylish Child’s school desk plans

This is one of the most attractive children’s desks that I have come across.  This is a terrific plan that provides a little bit of storage along with a cool work space for that pre-school age child.  You could leave this desk natural (mostly) as in the pictures, or you could paint the item to match an existing space.  My son had his own work table when he was younger and it was built in a similar way (plywood pieces).  He used that table for years.

What child wouldn’t love this little desk? Click on the bottom image to view the full plan.  It is a plan from Lowe’s and, as we always say, the Lowe’s plans are great since you can simply walk in with the material list and get started as soon as you arrive home with the supplies.

If Lowe’s ever moves the free plan, or takes it down, please let us know in the comments below. We retained a print version of the PDF’s for this plan.

Child's desk plans

Child's school desk plans

Child's school desk plans

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