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iPhone amplifier / Speaker out of Wood iPhone amplifier / Speaker out of Wood

This is a terrific project that I decided to build for myself.  I never want to spend $75 on an iPod / iPhone dock that burns through batteries, but I would like an amplifier for my iPhone.  This wooden iPhone dock is a fantastic project.  The plans were inspired by others around the web including and a similar iPhone amp project at

This project was a great one that allowed me to work with my 9 year old son.  He was happy to work with the drill press to help with the holes and with the spindle sander to clean them up.

Wooden iPhone Amplifier

Wooden iPhone Amplifier

Download the full iPhone Amplifier Sketchup plan by clicking on the image below:

iPhone Amp Plan

iPhone Amp Plan

I built mine by using 3 pieces of Cherry that were left over from a past project.  I love working with Cherry and the finish always turns out terrific.

There are 3 basic pieces.  I began with Part 2 since it had the most work and would be the least visible since it is sandwiched by parts 1 and 3.   Follow the Sketchup plan (click the image for the file download, or

click here: .

To construct your own, fabricate each of the 3 pieces from the Sketchup plan.  Once you have your three pieces, align, glue, and clamp.  After mine was fully set, I flushed up the edges with my chop saw.  In addition to that, I wanted my iPhone amp to lean back a bit.  This would help to retain the iPhone and give a more professional (finished) look to the piece.  I set my saw blade at about 10 degrees and took a sliver off of the bottom.  I also decided to put a routed edge on the speaker holes.  I used a simple 45 degree chamfer bit.

Perform any finish sanding needed, apply your sealant, paint, or stain, and enjoy!


iPhone Amp Plans

iPhone Amplifier Plans

A reader requested some additional options for non Sketchup users. I have included a Word version, PDF version, along with some larger scale images:

Word Doc:
Large Images:

A simple and functional iPhone amp plan
  • Free sketchup file
  • Few materials (probably scrap)
  • Inexpensive
  • Listed on
  • Others will ask you to build one for them.

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