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Cigar Humidor Plan – Large and Detailed Cigar Humidor Plan – Large and Detailed

This cigar humidor plan comes from JRF Engineering.  If you know and engineer, you will know that most are VERY detail oriented people who crave precision and reason.  An engineer that is also a woodworker is a lethal combination. They won’t often produce halfway done wood projects that are lacking in thought. What they will produce are incredibly well thought out designs that take virtually every aspect of the project into consideration. Most engineers will consider the things such as the Spanish Cedar that is traditionally used, but also the type of glue or secondary wood used with it. Everything has to work together.

Cigar Humidor Plans - Cabinet

Cigar Humidor Plans - Cabinet

This free cigar humidor plan is no exception.  The length of detail is almost humorous compared to some other plans.  You will be hard pressed to find a gap in this plan.

This PDF plan can be found by clicking on the picture.  The plans are a 33 page PDF that goes into great detail regarding the air flow and humidification system.

Even if you are not going to build this particular cigar humidor, you should read through this plan to gain a better understanding of what your humidor needs to do.

Great work Jim Forgione!

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