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Free Gazebo Plans Free Gazebo Plans

3 Free and fantastic Gazebo Plans!

When May rolls around we get a lot of call for plans to build an outdoor Gazebo. We published a set of Gazebo plans back in 2007 and wanted to provide an additional selection so that our readers have multiple choices. If you are like me, you enjoy browsing multiple plan sets and taking the best elements from each.  Here are 2 free gazebo plan options for you to consider.

  1. New Gazebo Plan
  2. Gazebo plans
  3. Gazebo plan that doubles as a shed

The new Gazebo plan is from the California Redwood Association.  If you are selecting a wood for your gazebo, or any other outdoor project, there might not be a better selection than a quality redwood.  Redwood is naturally resistant to insects and rot and has a beautiful grain. Over the years, the wood will turn to a nice silver gray if left completely untreated.   If redwood is too expensive in your area, you could consider Western Red Cedar.  The grain isn’t as clear as redwood, but the cost reflects that.

Free Gazebo Plans

Free Gazebo Plans

Free Gazebo Plans (pdf)

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