Convenient, and Sturdy Bench
Click Here or the image to find the plan! I remember back when I was a kid and we would come into our mudroom and have no place to sit down and change out of our winter clothing. On top of that, when we did get our stuff off,... Read more
Spectacular Wooden Video Game Storage
Click Here or the image to find the plan! What time is it?! That’s right, it’s Christmas time. Snow begins to fall for some of us. Christmas lights flicker on the tree. Egg nog is drank by the gallon, but most of all are the presents! Some big video... Read more
Workbench with Lumber Storage
Lumber Storage Workbench Plans When I saw this workbench plans it made me realize that I could kill two birds with one stone.  Lumber storage and work surface.  In fact, this project might be perfect for me up on a set of locking casters.  If you build yours on... Read more
Space Saving Bar Clamp Racks
  Don’t we all need some extra clamp storage?  Well, some efficient and out of the way clamp storage?  This is a simple plan that is nicely detailed in photos.  There are not any measured drawings or material list, but if you have this many bar clamps, you won’t... Read more
Sofa Table Plan – PDF Download
This plan is a hugely popular item at Knock of Decor and Pinterest and we wanted to include it for any of our readers who haven’t come across it before.  I think the sofa table plan is popular since it is both simple and attractive. In addition to that,... Read more
Mud Room Locker Plans
There are many names for the following plan.  Here are a few Entry cubbies Entry lockers Mud room storage Mudroom lockers Anyone who has dealt with mud room, or entry, storage has probably wanted to build a set of lockers or cubbies.  We all know how much stuff can... Read more
Nesting Box Storage Plans
Most modern house designs call for a “mud room” or entry hallway that often includes a boot bench, some locker style storage, or a cubby for random items.  The following is a simple plan from Cottage Life Magazine that lays out a simple way to build an attractive set... Read more
Storage Chest Plans – Simple and Inexpensive
Who doesn’t need a storage chest / blanket chest / hope chest…. the list goes on.  Call it what you will, the “Bailey Cube” plan is a nice wood plan for a chest that is simple and flexible in design.  Build it to suit your own needs.  It can... Read more
Toy Box Plans – Train Style
Every child needs toys, and every child I have ever known does not shy away from leaving those same toys on the floor of their room. What if putting away the toys was just as fun as playing with them? The Caboose Toy Box retains all the great qualities... Read more
Beautiful Outdoor Storage Bench Plans
Deck and patio storage are always a challenge, so when I see a beautiful project that also helps to solve my outdoor storage woes, I jump to share it with the readers of This outdoor storage bench comes from the fine folks at  The plans are simple,... Read more

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