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Smart Shop in a One-Car Garage Smart Shop in a One-Car Garage

If you are like, me you are always looking for ways to make your shoe more efficient.  This ins’t necessarily a “wood plan” but it is something that will help every woodworker who desires a more organized workshop.  In addition to that, a more organized shop, with proper outfeed tables, and dust collection, will be a safer shop.

workshop layout

This shop layout is designed for a single car garage but could obviously work for any space with a similar footprint.  In my case, my shop sits below a living room space that is about the size of a single car garage.  This might be good sized undertaking, but the benefits are worth it.

A few mobile tool bases can work wonders in your space.  If you are ever looking for a simple project that will make a big impact in your shop, build (or buy) some mobile tool bases.


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