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Free Portable Grill Table Plans


The following plan is for a simple, affordable, and functional grill table.  Heck, a table is a table… use if for whatever you choose.  It is June 12, so we are going to call it a grill table today.   Click on the image below for the full set of plans.

Free portable grill table plans

Everyone needs  a decent amount of workspace when grilling and this table provides  a nice item to pull out of storage, setup, use, clean up and put away.  You can adorn it with many items. You can add multiple hooks for your grilling utensils and could even attach a knife block to the end.

Grill table plan - folding feature
Grill table plan diagram

Click on the image for the full plans from birdsandblooms.com.   (thanks to James Boykin for bringing this item to our attention via Pinterest!)

Good luck building your own portable grill table.