Free Arbor with Gate Plans

Free Arbor with Gate Plans

Arbors or pergolas act as good permanent fixtures in outdoor landscapes. They look great surrounded by flowers in the warm months but maintain their aesthetic quality as the plants begin to wither. Add this Arbor with Gate to your backyard during the summer months and watch it stand the test of time.

Arbor with Gate Plans

Arbor with Gate Plans

This free woodwork plan would be a great entrance to a backyard garden or a good start to closing off a pool area that needs some enclosed fencing.  The projecting roof beams would serve a great hooks for potted plants or even some support for lowly planted flowers to rest above the gave. Just click on the image for the free woodworking guide.

If the link fails for anyone, please comment below.  The larger publishers tend to move things around now and then and we do have a local version of the plans.


  1. admin says:


    It looks like the BHG site might have been down when you visited. The link is working now:

    Good luck. If you build it, or something similar, please return here and post a picture. You can now add a picture to your comment.

  2. cindy cooper says:

    Hi , I could not open the arbor with gate plan.
    Could you please send it to me?
    Thank you
    Cindy Cooper

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