3 Free cupola plans and one inexpensive instant download.

We have quite a few visitors seeking free cupola plans. As it turns out, they are not the easiest plan to find.  However, we have published a couple of free cupola plans in the past. The plans that we previously published are featured below. In addition to that, the 4th cupola plan listed is a low-cost (instant download) plan.

Most people looking to build a cupola are adding it to a structure such as a barn or outbuilding.  If you are still seeking that perfect design, you might want to browse some barn plan books to see if you can find your perfect design.

  1. http://www.woodworkcity.com/wordpress/2011/03/04/free-cupola-cad-3d-sketchup/

    Cupola Sketchup Plan

    Cupola Sketchup Plan

  2. http://www.woodworkcity.com/wordpress/2010/03/17/free-cupola-plans/

    Free Cupola Plans

    Free Cupola Plans

  3. http://www.woodworkcity.com/wordpress/2010/10/14/cupola-plans/

    Free cupola plans

    Free cedar cupola plans

  4. In addition to the above free cupola plans, we would also like to point out a very good plan that was originally published by Wood Magazine. The plans are not free, but given the scarcity of free offerings, we felt it would be good to include. (Note: The following is an affiliate link. We would earn about 30 cents if you purchased). Click on the image to view the plan. This is an instant downloadable cupola plan.

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  1. gene lamita

    Checked your web site for plans are there any i can buy i would like to build one

  2. charles freeman

    send 3 free cupola plans – woodworking city

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