Free Bunk Bed Plans

Kids rooms can sometimes be really tight, especially when two younger children are sharing one space.  A great way to maximum to the space in a room is by building up. This Free Bunk Bed Plan is a contemporary style loft bed. It’s a little sturdier than an old school bunk  bed and comes complete with book shelves, a ladder, and even some extra wall space.

Bunk Bed Plans

Bunk Bed Plans

What I love about the project is that is creates small personal space in a shared environment and getting the sleepers involved in the design would truly make them feel as if it is their own.  This build isn’t necessarily for amateurs, but taking the time to use this how-to wood work plan to build your own, instead of buying a cheap at a huge furniture store, is sure to give you a more durable, trustworthy piece of furniture.  Consider adding other custom built pieces to your child’s bedroom after this major wood work project.

Just click on the image for the full instructional guide to build your own set of Bunk Beds.


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