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Free Porch Trellis Plans

The Lowe’s creative ideas site has disposed of some of their plans.  Perhaps this one will come back online (please complain to Lowe’s), but it might never reappear.  I did find some instructions on an old LCI development site: http://lciadmin.lowescreativeideas.com/idea-library/projects/Porch_Trellis_0311.aspx  I hope this helps someone.

Open porches are comfortable outdoor living spaces that lend themselves to people and plants. This Porch Trellis is a great framework for flowers and provides maximum privacy while still allowing sunlight and cool breezes. A different look than the typical backyard trellis, this modern design is simple and customizable.

Free trellis plans

Free trellis plans

The wood work how-to gives instructions for 4 columns, but can easily be edited to fit any porch length. With hooks in the negative spaces, hanging plants become framed artwork and with a little effort the the lower, thinner, slats can become home to morning glories or ivy. To add some custom flair to your porch, just click the image for the free plans.

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  1. admin


    I am sorry, it appears that Lowe’s has disposed of many of their plans. I did have some local copies of things, but this wasn’t one of them.

    I did locate the old text from the “how to” portion.
    It doesn’t look to have too much there, but perhaps it will help. Maybe you could e-mail the people at Lowe’s Creative Ideas to ask if they still have it.

    Most companies are fairly responsible when you reach out via Twitter. Perhaps you could contact @lowes

    Good luck.


  2. Kristin

    My mother is wanting to create this trellis, but I am unable to find the plans for this particular trellis (Porch Trellis Plans). Is it possible to have the plans emailed to me at my email address?’

    Thanks so much!

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