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Free Table Saw Storage Table Plans

by Wood Writer


Free Table Saw Storage Table Plans

Table Saw Storage Table

Complete with power tools, extension cords, and various hardware, any woodworking space can become easily disorganized. A good way to maximize storage space while actually improving the safety and accuracy of your equipment it to a Table Saw Storage Table.

The table serves as extra support for lumber and is completely adjustable to match the needs of all your future projects.  This plan includes a unique vertical blade storage drawer, which will make finding your blade and not harming yourself a much more effortless task. Not to mention, there is some really viable clamp space from the table top overhang.  To get started, just click on the image for the woodwork how-to guide. While your at it, why not just renovate the whole workshop?

It seems as if the Lowe’s site has moved things around a bit.  I would encourage you to visit the Lowe’s Creative Ideas site, and here are the links to the PDF’s if they have moved them for good.

Table saw storage table diagram and drawing
Table saw storage table cutting list and layout diagram

Table saw storage table cutting diagram at Lowe's
Tools Needed
Lowe’s Shopping List (print and shop)
Hardware & Supplies