Free Bead Board Chest and Bench Plan

The simplest builds often have the greatest impacts on interiors. This bead board chest plan is an easy to understand how-to guide to create a storage unit and extra seating in one project. It is simple to upgrade to a more high end piece through intricate molding and quality fabric, or can be covered with canvass for a durable toy box or washroom bench.

Attaching some wheels would transform this into excellent movable seating for large parties.The best thing about this build: it’s a dual purpose and eye-pleasing piece of furniture.

Just click on the image to get the plans to start building!





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      Unfortunately, there are not accompanying instructions for this chest plan. There are some plans that we include in the hopes that someone will be able to build from them. This is one since we know this is a project that many people like to tackle.

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