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The following is a free plan for a pergola above a garage door.  I have a new project house that I will be working on.  I am fortunate enough that it is a lake cottage that lost a lot of charm with the addition of vinyl siding.  When reviewing our choices to “cottage” the place back up, we decided some wide molding around the windows along with stylish accents such as an over the door pergola would help.  There isn’t much function in this item, it is almost entirely an aesthetic pergola (many are).  A large pergola does give some relief from the sun, but doesn’t do much to keep the weather at bay.

This free over the… (garage door, entry door, or window) pergola is a very simple plan that is also very inexpensive. Structural strength is generally not an issue if you are positioning this pergola above a door or window.  Many refer to this type of pergola as a “wall pergola”.

Wall pergola plans - Above a window or door

Wall pergola plans - Above a window or door

These pergola plans come courtesy of

I can’t say enough about the quality of the plans from Workbench Magazine.  They provide so much in the way of a measured drawing and exploded views, you can almost get a view of the item from all angles.

If you are like me, and looking to add some charm to a boring facade, consider a wall mount pergola over a window or door.  Mine will be placed over a garage door at the cottage.  Maybe I’ll post a picture once it is complete.

Good luck.  Click on the picture for the direct link to the plans (PDF).





  1. Ruth Dunlop says:

    We are renovating our cottage and the front of the house is flat so we were thinking a simple structure over the RED front door would be nice. We are thinking of a Cape Cod style structure but not over-powering since the cottage is not huge.

    Ruth Dunlop

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