Free Dog House Plans

Winter is almost upon us. Don’t forget about your beloved family pet. There are days when it will be good to allow your family pet some time outside. It will help your dog, and you.

This is also a woodworking plan that you can build with your kids. There are certain projects that will last for years and your children will remember this one for the rest of their lives. Get going on this beautiful (and functional dog house today).

Free Dog House Plans

Free Dog House Plans

Dog House Plans


  1. Thanks a bunch! Although my dog house I built a few years back is still standing, I really should have started out with more of a plan.

  2. Lacey says:

    Can I add Ron Hazelton’s doghouse plans to this? You can download free plans from his site, and you can watch a how-to video on how to build a doghouse!

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