The following Free Adirondack Chair Plans come from The California Redwood Association. This is a classic Adirondack chair and probably one of the easier designs to pull off. The Adirondack chair picture below links directly to the free PDF file. Good luck.

Free Adirondack Chair plans

Free Adirondack Chair plans

Don’t forget to check out our post that includes 8 free sets of Adirondack chair plans!

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  1. Malcolm

    Hi there, are any of the plans in metric?


  2. Steve Gouge

    Ornelas, If anything comes of that I would sure like to see the plans if your up to that. I would like to build that as well.

  3. diane mullins

    please send me the blue prinks of theadirondack chaair or a number i can order one

  4. Ornelas

    Currently, a family member and I are working on a reclining adirondack with a pullout foot rest. We arn’t following any plans per se, just going by what makes sense..

  5. German Torrado Saavedra

    I would like to get Adirondack Chair Plans. How can I do?.
    Thank you.
    With my best regards.

  6. admin


    It has been a while since your comment here. Did you ever build your reclining Adirondack chair?

    After giving it a bit more thought, and seeing a Morris Chair at a local winery, it seems possible to create a mechanism with the extra length at the back of the arms with notches for reclined placement of the back.

    Love to hear back from you.

    1. admin


      That is a real tough one since most Adirondack Chair Plans have a back that is supported with a vertical post and the arms generally attach to that post. If you locate a plan for an Adirondack with an adjustable back, please share it with our readers.


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