Spring is in the air and, if you live near me, you might already be thinking about controlling mosquitoes so that you can enjoy your back yard without getting eaten up.  There are many ways to contend with mosquitoes and the best way to handle it naturally might be with a bat house.  These free bat house plans are a great project that is easy to build and will serve a purpose… keeping the bugs down in your back yard!

Let’s get a jump on spring and, at the same time, clean up some of the scrap lumber in our workshop. This free bat house plan should do the trick.  These free plans are from Bat Conservation International.  Good luck and have fun.

Free bat house plan blueprint

Plans / Patterns / Blueprints

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  2. Sonny

    Looking for plans to build a Bat House to go on a 12ft pole

    1. admin


      Bat Conservation International has a great set of plans to install the bat house on a pole or post. You can find the plans at the bottom of this page:
      Direct link to PDF file:

      Good luck. Hope this is what you needed.


  3. Bert Grantges

    Wanted to say thanks for posting the Bat House plans!

    Bat Conservation International does a ton of great work and making these plans available is one way they try and give everyone the opportunity to help! (Coming clean and saying out loud I’m affiliated with the organization!)

    Also wanted to let everyone know that if they are interested in even bigger/more complex bat house projects they can get more plans from the website!

    Thanks again – and hope you have great success with your bat house(s)!

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