Lawn Swing Plans

Someone recently asked me if I had could find free lawn glider plans. Sure, no problem. Well, the plans for a lawn swing or lawn glider weren’t as easy to find as I expected. There are a ton of free porch swing plans, but no so many for the glider style lawn swing.

lawn swing
lawn swing (pdf)

The plans above are from the LSU Agricultural Center. They may not be too detailed, but it should give you a point to work from.

There is a nice glider and lawn swing plan included in the following book found at

Of course they aren’t free!


  1. WoodworkCity says:


    Didn’t catch that. The link should be updated now:

  2. Allie says:

    Link to plans is not found? Can you send me a current link please?? Thank you!

  3. Jim Moriarty says:

    I would like to order drawings for a TWO (2) lawn SWING.

    Please forward you price and mailing address. Telephone would also be helpful.


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