This picnic shelter might be referred to as a park shelter.  This is a plan that is really a blueprint for this outdoor structure.  If you have some property, or need plans for an outbuilding this is a great plan to work off of.

The plans call for a structure that is approximately 20′ x 12′ and has a fireplace at one end.  This is a great project for a campsite, lake house, or large property.

This is really more than a woodworking plan.  This is a scale blueprint that you could execute on your own, or give to a builder who could construct this from the blueprint.

Picnic shelter

Click the snapshot for the full blueprint.  It is a PDF file.  Good luck.  Don’t try this one alone.

Don’t forget to include a picnic table or two when working on your project and ordering your material.

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  2. chad

    I am looking for a plan for a picnic shelter larger than the one shown. 25×30 roughly. any ideas?

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  4. Matt

    My son is using this plan to build a shelter for the Veterans Home as an eagle scout project. Are there any more detailed plans that accompany it? Trying to find some additional measurements and the angles to cut for the trusses.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  5. Brian S.

    Thanks for the plans, I have started one similar to yours and this is quite helpful.

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