If you are shopping for baby furniture, you will probably be surprised at the high prices for relatively basic piece of furniture. Well, a baby changing table is a great item that can be used for generations. If constructed properly, this item will double as a toddler, or teen dresser.

changing table plans

These plans are from “Amateur Woodworker”.  Click the image to view the plan.

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  1. Toni N

    When a good friend was expecting their first child back in 2000 I built a changing dresser similar to this one for them. In included a hutch on top of the dresser to provide for some needed additional storage space. On the right hand side I built a small shelf with a door below it. Inside the door I put adjustable shelving and two shelves.

    I wanted this to be a surprise for them, so I schemed with parents. His parents told them that they were going to purchase the dresser for them. The parent’s never had a clue. I presented it to them at their baby shower. Fortunately the location of the baby shower was 1 1/2 miles from my house.

    They loved it and have used it for both of their children.

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