This free Arbor bench woodworking plan is a popular one at  Orignally published in 2007, this plan has been viewed by thousands of woodworkers across the world.

The original plan was located at the Woodworkers Workshop site and appears to have been moved from the site.  The plan source is Sunset Magazine and the free plan is still available by clicking on the picture below.

Here is a free arbor plan that calls for a bench within the arbor opening.  This item is a terrific addition to a Garden or a patio.

Arbor Bench

If the link fails to work, please leave a note in the comments below and we will provide a printed version to you via a PDF plan download.

Good luck building this beautiful arbor bench.

Consider something different with the lattice work on the sides.  The plan calls for a pre-fab lattice, but to really set your arbor apart from anyone else’s, you could create your own lattice design to integrate into your landscaping plan.  For an arbor that I built, I utilized an 8×8 square pattern that had a lap joint where the pieces crossed. This was a lot of work, but it still looks great, and has held up since 1999!

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  1. Cris Waller

    This link just goes to the home page for Woodworker’s Workshop. I couldn’t find the actual plan there.

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