If you have a home office, I am sure that you have come to need more and more storage. If you are a woodworker, I am guessing that you might be a bit of a pack rat as well. This plan is for a mobile file cabinet. Essentially, a file cabinet on wheels. The design is nice with inset drawer fronts. You could build an easier file cabinet, but this one has a very nice look that is clean and contemporary. This file cabinet would look great in a contemporary setting and because it is on wheels it doesn’t have to be stuck in one place.

Good luck building your rolling file cabinet. Click on the picture for the complete wood plans from ‘Popular Woodworking’

rolling file cabinet woodworking plan

Rolling file cabinet plans

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    1. George

      I, too, have been ‘clicking’ on the Rolling File Cabinet in addition to the Pop-Woodworker link, and I still come away with anything but the RFC plans.
      ‘Little help?

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