This is a woodworking project for anyone and everyone.

This is a relatively simple plan for a simple yet elegant English style garden bench. This wood plan is simple to modify and can be made from material that is available at just about any home store.

The wood used will depend on your climate, the location of your bench, final finish (paint, unfinished, or stained) and the material that is available in your area.

Garden Bench Materials List:

  • 1 @ 8′ piece of 2″ x 12″ (pine, cedar, redwood, or other material) – Bench seat.
  • 1 @ 6′ piece of roughsawn 1″ x 8″ – Under carriage
  • 1 @ 4′ piece of roughsawn 1″ x 10″ – Legs
  • 2″ exterior grade deck screws (stainless steel are preferred)
  • Paint, stain, or nothing at all

garden bench plans

Click on the above picture to link to the complete plans.

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